Change in venue

I have finally gotten my own domain along with a pretty sweet hosting deal. As such I will not likely be posting here again but fear not you can read my seldomly update blog at blog.simplemind.ca. The reason for the move? A gift from my mother that said get something you want, Read by something for yourself don't just do something practical. anyway Out for now.



Mobogging / mlogging

I just bought an iPod touch and amtrying to come up with a trendy web 2.0 esque term for mobile blogging and must say Im rather taken with blogbile. I would also like to mention that the touch is device much more suited to media consumption than production. That being said it's still shiny.



Just playing around with marsedit a piece of blagging software from redsweater software. Other than that, living in fredericton, working on my bachleors again. Anyway I'm out.



1 in every specially marked box!

Just a quick update, the wheels are rolling, I am switching provinces yet again, manitoba has little to offer, hospitable but nobody I just click with. So I'ts off to NB I am applying to the university there, and if I get in I'm probably outta here in july. otherwise i dunno, maybe its time for another country. do schools reject straight A students? maybe. anyway off to buy a new backpack, mmmm, adjustable lumbar support....

iTunes: Teen Idols - Insanity Plea



under duress ;)

I had something incredibly profound to write about earlier but figured Id do it later and have since forgotten that particular thought. Lately Ive been assaulted with memories. comming on the way I imagine Laneys nodal mode does (Idoru). Its rather plesant though distracting. It's all been rather vivid, like watching it again in hi def 1080p occasionaly its like being in that moment again reliving it again, nothing sustained just short clips.

Working as a server at Boston Pizza. Its alright, thought itd be great to get out of the kitchen, and it is, but occasionally I find myself wanting to be on the other side of the counter.

Winnipeg is nice, remind me of vic a little bit but with less variance in the overal topology and less water. Got myself mixed up with this girl (people groaning "Again?!") she decided she liked me and tried to hook her claws in and I like her well enough and said why not, now I know why not though my purpose here is to give an update of where Im at not to complain.

Sarah is pregnant, gonna have a little sprat of her own, she seems happy about it though she hasnt called me back like she said she would. I suggested to Phil that if the daddy decides hes gonna be a jerk maybe he deserves a stern finger wagging. Nothing draconian like a shotgun weddin or a forced part in the childs life, but you know if he starts telling sarah she has to give it up or abort(though I think she might already be a bit to late for that) or start in on an ill advised rant about it being his life too etc. Phill nodded, at least thats what the text on the screen said. At anyrate I hope Alisa and Bob spoil the sprat right rotten, give him/her some character;)

anyway 5:30 comes early so im out.

Sans media

saw this, it was/is neat, check it out



Off I go again

Got into my program out in winnipeg, leaving lethbridge on August 26. Should be good.
blah, thats all for now.

Movie: Hudson hawk


We Like BOO-KOO!

1030 MST

I get a call saying a spot has become available in such in such program at such in such school. Im half asleep, I'm asked if I would like the spot, I speak, stutter stop, compose myself. Lets try again, speak/stutter/stop. She says "hello?" inquiring as to whether or not im there. I manage to spit out yes. So come end of august I'm on my way out to winnipeg, no place to stay, no place to work, just some family I don't know. Im going to enable the ad-sense banners to help generate income to pay for school, If you love me click ;)

Hope 5 VCD : Cult of the Dead Cow Hactivism Panel